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Samsung Electronics Company Assignment:Framework for Executing Strategy Learning

Samsung Electronics Company
Assignment:Framework for Executing Strategy
Upon successful completion of this
week, the student will be able to: Read the
questions posed in the Key Points for″>Week 2 Overview.
Answering these questions will help you complete this assignment
1. Prepare a strategic vision for a company.
2. Develop a plan to communicate the vision to all company
3. Determine a company’s financial objectives.
4. Establish a company’s strategic intent.
Historically, executing a
company’s strategy has been one of the most neglected components of the entire
strategy-making and strategy-using process. In this phase, the strategic plan
(with its vision, defined goals and action steps) must be integrated into the
everyday life of the organization. It is also in this phase that actual
performance results begin to manifest themselves. The organization must
continue to accomplish the actions and activities necessary to ensure
short-term survival while simultaneously engaging in the actions and activities
associated with achieving the strategic plan. This integration requires a
delicate balance of priorities between meeting immediate survival needs and
taking the action necessary for long-term success.
strategic plan execution becomes challenging during change initiation and
management. Individual organizational members who may not have been involved in
the formulation of the strategic plan now will be required to support and
execute it. Funding and physical resources need to be located and supplied.
Long-standing systems, structures, and procedures also may need to be altered
to make the plan work.
outcome of “strategic execution” is subject to unforeseen external
and internal factors. For example, while plan implementation is underway,
contingencies may emerge such as unanticipated entry of a major competitor, an
environmental disaster, or the loss of a key decision maker. The best of plans,
poorly executed, still can produce disastrous results. Therefore, planning a
strategic “execution” requires as much care and consideration as creating
the strategic plan itself.
Key Points @ Action Items
Create a framework for executing
strategy for your company. Write a 1½- to 2-page draft business brief thatConsider the following question when developing a
vision and strategic intent. Each of the following questions should be
addressed with your GLO-BUS co-managers to establish the way forward in the
When you meet with
your co-managers, prepare a strategic vision statement for your company. It
should be at least one sentence long and no longer than a brief paragraph. What
would be a good slogan that captures the essence of your strategic vision and
that could be used to help communicate the vision to company personnel,
shareholders, and other stakeholders?
What are your
company’s financial objectives? What are your company’s strategic objectives?
How would you
describe your company’s strategic intent?
What are the 5-6
most important elements of your company’s strategy in entry-level and
multi-featured cameras? Have any of these strategy elements been fine-tuned or
radically changes since the Year 6 decision round when you and your co-managers
first took over the company and assumed strategy-making responsibility?
Points Earned
At the graduate level, the emphasis in grading is on the content, context
and/or process of assignments.
Points for Expected Graduate
Assignment Meets All Requirements
Points for Superior Graduate
Assignment Significantly Exceeds Requirements
Vision Statement (~33%)
Strategic vision statement and communication plan for the company employees.
12 – 13
and Strategic Objectives (~33%)
Developed realistic financial and strategic objectives.
12 – 13
Intent (~33%)
Created a sound strategic intent based on the financial and strategic
12 – 13
Subtotal (points
earned before any applicable deductions)
37 – 38
Points Deducted
Error-free mechanics and meeting stated format criteria are the baseline
expectations for assignments. Points will be deducted for failing to meet
these requirements.
Mechanics (~
Correct grammar, sentence structure, and word choice were used; the paper was
free of typographical and spelling errors; Brief formatted correctly.
up to -11
Total (points
earned minus any applicable deductions)
0 – 45


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