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Practicum Experience: Week 6   Journal Assignment—Part 1 After reviewing the Pra

Practicum Experience: Week 6   Journal Assignment—Part 1 After reviewing the Practicum Weekly Resource, record responses to the following in your Journal: 1)       What strategies will you use as a nurse informaticist to maintain a balance between the wants and needs of the IT department, the administration, and the end user? 2)       How can you ensure that the needs of the end user are being adequately addressed? 3)       How can you use effective networking as a means of influencing a project? Journal Assignment—Part 2 Note: Each week, you are responsible for locating a scholarly journal article in the Walden Library related to your area(s) of interest. Include in your Journal the reference in proper APA format, and provide a brief summary of the article (See Below and attached PDF file) Wyatt, J. (2010). Assessing and improving evidence based health informatics research. Studies In Health Technology And Informatics, 151435-445. doi:10.3233/978-1-60750-476-4-435   Journal Assignment—Part 3 Practicum Onsite Visits Summarize the key activities of your visits to your Practicum site (as appropriate), including with whom you met, what you did, and what you gained from the experience.     Practicum Weekly Resources Media   Prestero, T. (2012). Design for people not awards. TED Talks. Retrieved from       In this TED Talk video, Timothy Prestero describes his failed endeavor to design an incubator. Prestero uses his example of failure to illustrate the importance of designing for real-world use and the end user, rather than for awards.


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