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I will pay for the following essay Written 4. The essay is to be 2 pages with th

I will pay for the following essay Written 4. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.ncy with all dependent and independent conditions including variables, data sources, data collection procedure, reliability of information and general analysis of data. In research works of the nature such as the ones reported by the three different researchers, constancy of conditions is very important in ensuring general reliability and validity of research conclusions. The issues of constancy of conditions become even more eminent when the research design is a case study as seen in the studies in question. This point is made against the backdrop that in case studies, the findings of the researchers are related or linked to a wider and universal population. It is therefore always important to ensure that there would be consistency with conditions. Looking through the study by Boyce, Hiatt and Jones (1992), it can be seen that the researchers strategically relied on the credibility and consistency associated with the source from which they had their data to ensure constancy of conditions. This point is made against the defense that the researchers used a health promotion program that has been in existence since 1980. With such history, there was every indication that there was going to be subjective records and consistency of data that can be checked for reliability and trendy changes.Ridley and Husband (1998) also took very pragmatic steps in ensuring that they conducted research that came out with finding that could be trusted as reliable and be given a universal accent. This was done through a number of ways. First, there was a very large sample used. The researchers used as many as hundred (100) respondents. This was indeed a pragmatic approach to ensure constancy of conditions. For instance with such a sample size, the researchers were sure that even if for some reasons where were going to be fall outs by respondents, there would still be a very sizeable number of respondents to make generalization of findings possible. Yet again, the researchers used


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