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ï‚· Child Abuse or Neglect   ï‚· Child Abuse or Neglect   The Early Childhood pe

ï‚· Child Abuse or Neglect   ï‚· Child Abuse or Neglect   The Early Childhood period covers from birth through third grade, and anything that supports or impedes children’s learning maybe a valid topic. Student will investigate their topics, find at least 3 reliable sources of information about the topic, and prepare a 7- 10 minute presentation for two peers to review, accompanied by a one-page handout. Students will also prepare a more detailed written outline of their presentation to hand in to the instructor, and will cite all their sources in writing on the outline. Presentations may use PowerPoint, Google Slides or PREZI, relevant websites or videos may be displayed during the presentation. The HCC librarians can help students find and cite sources of relevant information; the instructor will be happy to meet with students individually to help each refine the topic, clarify the material, compose the outline, etc. Basics to think about while preparing your report: Give a basic introduction of the topic – what is it? Define it – is it a learning institution, a method of instruction, a law relating to education, etc? Give enough information so that the class can understand what you will be talking about. Give a broad overview of the topic – the major points we need to know Explain why this topic is important or relevant. Why should Early Childhood students know something about this? ï‚· Is there a controversy about this topic? Is there more than one point of view regarding it? Has the educational perspective on this topic changed over time? Is there a difference between U.S practice and that of another country? ï‚· What do you think about the topic and why? What did you learn? Support your views with facts. ï‚· Conclude with a summary – wrap it up for us. ï‚· Choose reliable unbiased sources of information, like educational journals or websites. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. Our textbook may not be listed as a source for your report.


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