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business law Document Preview: Unit Outline PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS LAW Unit Numb

business law Document Preview: Unit Outline PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS LAW Unit Number: LW120 Mode of Study: Internal Credit: 3 credit points Pre-requisites: Academic Writing Location: Sheridan College 18/7 Aberdeen St, Piccadilly Square West, Perth WA 6000 Student Workload: 168 hours (12 hours per week over 14 weeks) Seminars – 36 hours (3 hours per week over 12 teaching weeks) Private Study – 132 hours (9 hours per week over 12 teaching weeks + 12 hours per week over 2 non-teaching weeks) Lambiris, M., & Griffin, L. (2017). First principles of business Primary Text(s): law: A blended learning approach. (10th ed.). Oxford University Press. Learning Management System: Canvas ( Unit Coordinator: Mr Suresh Murthy Phone: 9221-8170 Email: Course Coordinator Prof. Gabriel Ogunmokun Phone: 9221-8170 Email: Page 1 of 12Introduction Welcome to Principles of Business Law. This unit provides an overview of the legal framework within which Australian businesses operate. You will be introduced to the major institutions and dispute-resolution procedures of the Australian legal system. Substantive areas of law addressed in this unit include contract law, agency law, consumer protection law, and tort law. To treat each of these topics in depth in the context of a single unit would be impossible; instead, you will gain a basic understanding of how these bodies of law intersect with everyday business practice—for example, how is a legally enforceable agreement created, or to what extent is a business liable for the conduct of its employees? As the overarching purpose of the unit is to clarify how legal principles affect business decision making, you will have the opportunity not only to study basic legal theory but also to apply this theory to specific scenarios that may arise in the course of operating a business. Upon completion of the unit, you will understand some of the most important…


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