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ASSESSMENT 2 – SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEWStudents will be given a variety of t

ASSESSMENT 2 – SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEWStudents will be given a variety of topics (Nutrition and Physical activity) to choose from to undertake a systematic review. Students will be expected to formulate a research question, develop a search strategy, apply study inclusion and exclusion criteria, data extraction, assessment of risk of bias, and analysis of study results.A minimum of 10 full-length original articles or current available evidence drafted in peer-reviewed epidemiologic and other scientific journals in the chosen topic area will identified, summarized, and organised.The word length for this written assignment is a maximum of 2000 words excluding reference and tables. The quality of review paper is expected to be closer to publication. Once students have completed this course they will have sufficient knowledge to participate in a systematic review.Further instructions will be covered in the coming lectures and tutorials about systematic review approaches and outputs. In the meantime, additional readings can be found in VU Collaborate the content section entitled: Supporting materials for systematic review: Assignment 2.


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