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1.    View the following poorly design database design. 2.    Identify as many e

1.    View the following poorly design database design. 2.    Identify as many errors as you can find. Focus particularly on the following: 3.    Table formatting 4.    Data types 5.    Field length 6.    Relationships 7.    Primary Keys 8.    Foreign Keys 9.    Summarize your findings into a bulleted list in a Word document. This list should include details and each item in the list should be unique. Points will be deducted if this is not done. Make sure that each item in the list is detailed and unique. Don't forget to properly use references where appropriate. TablesCustomer Table (Format)Products Table (Format)Order Table (Format)Name ofText 5Item ID Number Text 50Customer Full Name Text 5CustomerAddressct 50Quantity inLong IntegerProductText 50StockCityText 50DateText 50Quantity OrderedLongIntegerStateText 50PriceLong IntegerTotal PriceLongIntegerSocialLong IntegerDateSecurityNumberZipLong IntegerPhoneLong IntegerRelationshipsCustomerOrderProductName ofY Customer LastItem ID NumberCustomerNameAddressProductQuantity in StockCityQuantity1 DateOrderedStateTotal PricePriceSocialDateSecurityNumberZipPhone


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